A Lot of Things Scattered!

Yep…that’s what this post will be. That’s kind of how my head is right now.  So have about 100 things on my To Do list and a million ideas for activities, units, etc, but absolutely no motivation at the moment, so I thought I’d just ramble on here instead. So grab your diet coke, your remote and of course your laptop and read on sweet friends.  

As I’ve mentioned before, this summer I spent a gobzillion hours taking our 100 new sight words and putting them into a resource packet full of activities for the entire year.  I’m super proud of this pack and it’s made my life so much easier. {Our reading specialists use this pack too. So there are no excuses for our firsties to not know their words.} My kids love the activity sheets, as well as the other games I’ve made to practice those tricky sight words. 
Our very favorite game is I Have…Who Has. I’ve created a packet of these that go along with the words in my unit.  Unfortunately, there was a BIG FAT mistake that I just went back and fixed, so if you purchased this, please go back and download it again!
To make it up to you, I created a little Valentine Sight Word Bingo, that corresponds with our third quarter words. You can download it for free by clicking on the link above.
If you don’t know what “I have..who has” is, I thought I’d show you. I video taped my little people playing this morning. Our personal best was 55 seconds with the second quarter sight words. Please excuse my raspy voice in this video. I feel fine but this morning I was totally sounding like a man! It’s also taped with my iPhone so if it looks awfully skinny, that’s why.  
Did you read Erica’s latest blog post?  She totally superimposed her face on my body in that photo she posted. What nerve! I’m SOOO kidding!  Talented, sweet and super fit…my oh my, am I jealous. I’m currently doing the Biggest Loser Challenge with my coworkers, tracking every bite I eat on myfitnesspal and working out with Jillian Michaels and my treadmill nightly. I’m just praying that this girl can wear a bathing suit without a skirt to hide my jiggly thighs one day.  I did tell Ms. Erica that when we bloggers meet up someday, I will not be taking any photos next to her! A girl needs her dignity.  In fact, I’m supposed to meet up with Ms. Abby soon, and one day, Ms. Cara Carroll. Talk about talented and skinny.  Note to self: “Put down the cookie!”
Speaking of bodies… {and yes, I know much of this post has nothing to do with teaching} I mentioned not long ago that I purchased some fancy boots I found on Pinterest.  Well, let me just  tell you how my bubble was bursted! So…I’m totally addicted to this blog. Abby used to do a “What I Wore Wednesday” and this blog is an everyday version.  I simply LOVE Lilly’s Style.  Anyway, she had the boots and I immediately ordered them.  Well…either that girl is much taller than I, or my upper leg is super short, because I totally looked like I was wearing boots up to my underwear.  My husband was cracking up! I was ALL boots. RIDICULOUS! So back they went. I did end up finding a decent pair, not as cute as those, but decent, and I still have a leg while wearing them.  
Do all know Kandee Johnson? In addition to teaching, hanging out with my boys and shopping, I’m totally a frustrated make-up artist. Well, Kandee is a professional, and I love watching her videos.  She has cost me lots of money though, because I keep running out and buying lots of what she suggests.  But my eyes are totally smokey and my cheekbones are highlighted, and that’s all that matters. 🙂 LOL
Anywhoo…she just posted her favorite products from 2011 and I thought I’d share in case you like makeup like me!
I still haven’t completed my bulletin board, I stole from Pinterest. I have a few kiddos that haven’t finished writing their little prompts due to illness and my snowpeople need scarves due to thin, cheap, white paper, but here is what it looks like so far.
I have more to ramble on about but I’ll spare you until next time.
Have a great weekend teacher friends! 
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20 thoughts on “A Lot of Things Scattered!”

  1. Oh my sweet friend, YOU CRACK ME UP!!!!!!

    I thought Erica photoshopped my body in that picture, but apparently that's her body. Lame.

    I loved this whole post and I read EVERY WORD!!!!!!!!


  2. We have so much in common – I am addicted to make up too! I just purchased eyelighter this evening and can't wait to use it! I plan to buy your sight word packet as well – sounds perfect for my kiddos! Love the post!

  3. Loved your post!

    I also adore boots…I'm on the lookout for a cute riding boot right now…hopefully my search will end soon. Ha!

    Have a great weekend!


  4. You have made my day…I am beat after being back into the "real" world (for only 3 days!) and your comments about Erica "superimposing" you was so funny! Loved it! I am thinking we should all take her body and add our faces and post on her blog :)Also the boots comments 🙂 had a few moments over break trying on boots too! Kelly and I were talking about how fun it would be to meet so many of the neat people we follow some day! Thanks for the smiles! Happy New Year! Diane from Made for 1st Grade

  5. I wish I could look like Erica, but I simply don't have that kind of dedication or motivation. It will never happen– and I'm ok with that! But losing a few pounds (umm..20 or so) would be fantastic! I used My Fitness Pal this summer and lost 10 pounds. It makes you super aware of what you're eating and is a little addicting at first…. Then school started, life got really busy and I stopped. Working hard now to start back. Good luck!

  6. I was LMAO at this post! Thanks for the shout out and hysterical comment. I am flattered. Cannot wait for the meet-up.
    You also just added more distraction to my life with non-teaching blogs!


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