Random is right!

Get ready to read some random peeps! 

Now onto Common Core! As part of the Common Core, now students are officially to learn their addition and subtraction facts to 12, fluently! I’ve always pulled out the “I have…Who has addition” and flash cards and such after December when my kiddos really understand the concepts of addition and subtraction, but it was never in print to stress me out! So anyway…a parent of mine who also teaches introduced me to this site:
And I love it! It’s so easy to use. You can literally input your kiddos names in seconds, it prints out a sheet for their parents with their very own code and it keeps all their data for you.  AMAZING! It’s also Free which is super fantastic! 

I’ve had a bunch of requests for my first grade helper in a Kindergarten, 2nd grade and Canadian version.  I made them all and they are uploaded to my store.
Okay so…I’m not a very good cook. I can bake with the best of them, but I’ve made a few Pinterest inspired meals lately and my hubby LOVED them.  He went back for seconds, which doesn’t happen often, so I thought I’d share them with you.  YUMMERS! Just click on their pictures to go the recipe link.
Okay…so if that wasn’t all over the map, I don’t know what is. Hope you have a great rest of the week. Hopefully I’ll be back with another freebie soon. I’m making a few more centers for next week too! 

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21 thoughts on “Random is right!”

  1. I love pinterest food…when it turns out right! I also am a little shocked about the copyright drama over Dr.you-know-who, aaaand finally, I am not even a teacher yet, but I am so not looking forward to having to switch my thinking from state to common core standards. There you have it, a random-type comment for a random-type blog post – love it!


  2. I use XtraMath too and LOVE it! My kids have to know facts to 20 (2nd grade) and I started them on this at the beginning of year. I'm so glad I did as many of my kids are doing awesome! I like that I can check out which facts they are missing and show them that I'm checking in on them. I'm also a baker and not a cooker! But I do try 🙂 Pinterest does have lots of delicious meals I need to try!

  3. Random is awesome…… that is interesting about the cat…..hmmmm. I use xtra math and am able to print the reports to help with some of my report card grades (knows #facts). It is terrific!


  4. The first grade helper is a great idea and very cute. I use the Xtra Math website also and we now have a designated computer during our Math Daily 5 and the kids tag one another when they are done. Deb at Fabulously First!!!

  5. You are going to make my life in first grade that much better!!! Thank you so much for posting about the math website! What a great resource for all involved; the kiddos, the parents, and ME! 🙂

    Side note: I snagged your first grade helper a year and a half ago, put into my "first grade office" folders. They are the most resourceful tool for my sweet firsties when they're writing.

    Love all your fabulous ideas!

    Beg, Borrow, Steal


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