Boo to You!

Are you all ready for Halloween? We’ve been gearing up all week for the big day when my kiddos completely lose their minds, dress all cute and get severely sugared up.  In preparation for the big day we read tons of Halloween stories, wrote a bunch, and created a few super cute crafts. Here is one that was inspired by this post by Doodlebugs.  I saw her bulletin board and knew I had to do something fun.  So my students created these cute little ghosts and wrote 5 clues about themselves.  I blew up their school picture and they glued them under the top ghost.  They loved this activity and really love reading the clues to see if they can find friend’s ghosts.  I saw The Glyph Girls ghost on Pinterest and created a similar ghost for this writing. But if you want an adorable ghost with several activities, please check out theirs. It’s too stinkin’ cute.
We also did a bunch of opinion writing. In addition, the new common core standards for writing, list 3 types of writing. The three types are informative, narrative and opinion.  The holidays are a great time to throw in opinion writing.  We did several opinion activities. The first was to choose their favorite Halloween costume and tell why in their opinion it was the best. They turned out very cute! Here is the document if you’d like it.
We also read the book Spookley the Square Pumpkin.  Besides, this was perfect timing because we just finished a geometry unit. The kids had to decide if they were to pick a pumpkin, what shape would they want? They each chose a shape, decorated a pumpkin in that shape, and defended why they thought that shape was the best shape, in their opinion.
Furthermore here is the pumpkin opinion sheet. The graphics are courtesy of Sarah Cooley. You can get these cute images in her store.
I also knew we had to practice prepositions. So I took the concept of the book Rosie’s Walk and created Spider’s Stroll. I attached fun little spider rings to each book and the kids put the rings in the correct position according to the prepositions.  When were finished reading, we went through the book with our highlighters and found the prepositions.  You can get this book in my Halloween Center Pack.

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