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Well friends, it’s Friday and I’m so excited to share a bunch of fun with y’all! First I just have to say that I feel absolutely blessed by each and every one of you who have donated to my Help a Hero Fundraiser. You are helping a family who lost their hero way too soon. If you would still like to donate,  the fundraiser will continue through next Wednesday or until we meet our goal. We are half way there! When you donate you will get all of these files sent to you.  There are 25 documents from some of the most talented precious teachers ever!
  These files are sent all in one zipped file. They are sent through Mediafire. I will send the files at the end of each evening.  Everyone who has donated thus far should have received their files. If you did not, please check your spam or junk files. Also please feel free to email me at [email protected] with your paypal user name and I’ll make sure they are sent again.  If you would love to have all the files above, you can donate $25 dollars below.  If you aren’t interested in the documents above, but would still like to give to this wonderful family, feel free to make a small donation below as well. Just let me know that you are not donating for the files.  Also, PLEASE fill out the form below after donating.
In other news, I wanted to share a few products I’ve recently purchased for my classroom that I absolutely love.

The fundraiser is now closed. Thanks so much for your generous donations!

First are these cute little sticky tab dividers. They are colorful and then come in the cutest little case. I love to organize and put my kiddos data in binders, so these will be perfect.

Next are these fun markers. Some teacher friends were raving about them and they seemed to be a must have! I mean… who doesn’t want erasable markers. The colors are my favorite!

I don’t have horrible handwriting but I’m very particular about the way things look. I am the crazy teacher that redoes anchor charts 24 times until they look just right. So I knew that when I put my little dividers and labels on file folders I would need something better than just my handwriting.  I got an awesome deal on this:

and I also bough the clear tape so my colorful files show through and it looks more like it’s been handwritten. Yes…I know I have problems. But my files will look cute.

Finally, I found this quote. I think it’s so fitting:
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving to the DeWitts and being wonderful teachers to all of your sweet kiddos.
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