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I’m sure that many of you who have read my blog over the years know that my hubby is a police officer.  My husband Travis works at an amazing police department. They really are a family.  So, I’ll never forget the day Travis came home and told me that his Lieutenant, Jon DeWitt had cancer . In addition, he was very concerned as his friend had merely gone to the doctor for aches and came back with a diagnosis of a rare form of kidney cancer.  Further tests showed, he didn’t just have one type of cancer, but several.
So, originally started this post a couple of months ago.  I wanted to raise funds to help the DeWitts with medical expenses and other costs incurred due to his cancer.  Jon’s wife Angela had just left her job to care for Jon and I wanted to ease their burden.  Unfortunately, just as I was ready to write, Travis came home and told me Jon took a turn for the worse.  Besides, it was only 9 months after his diagnoses and his family was preparing themselves to say goodbye. Just hours after his daughter received her high school diploma, Jon passed away.
Rachel, Nicholas, Jon and Angela DeWitt
Lt. Jon DeWitt holds a special place in my heart.  He didn’t know me well, but I know how much he meant to Travis. So, I don’t know if he ever knew the impact he made on my husband’s career, or his heart, but he definitely wasn’t just another supervisor. Besides, he was hero, not because of his profession, but because of the person he was.
I found this picture and it’s true. Again, Jon never fought on his own.
So in honor of Lt. Jon DeWitt, I’ve created this fundraiser. You can click each image to see more about the products. You can get all of the documents below for a donation of $25.00. (Feel free to donate more.) Furthermore, all proceeds will go to the DeWitts to help ease the burden on his sweet wife and act as a scholarship fund for his children Rachel and Nicholas.

The fundraiser is now closed. Thanks so much for your generous donations!
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