Summer Activities!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! My summer days start with a workout and then are followed by,  “Mommy, what are we doing today? Where are we going?” Every day we do something or go somewhere and I love every minute. This also means that my house never gets clean and laundry barely gets done, but we’re having fun.  The other day it rained, so we made shell creatures. 



 We also have our weekly swimming lessons. Love watching my little fish. 


In fact, they love the water so much, we went straight from lessons, to the river to find shells and look for fish. 


 And the next day, was the amusement park. 


These are seriously days I cherish and while I never stop being a teacher, even in the summer, I am very thankful for time to spend with my babies. 
As, I said, you never stop being a teacher. EVER! Especially if you love what you do.  We are always trying to be better.  I am really interested in making sure my reading instruction and intervention are the best that they can be, so I just ordered a bunch of books! The come couldn’t be here sooner.  I am pretty sure my highlighters will get a good workout.  
Here are the books I ordered: 

Finally, when I started blogging, I can honestly say there were probably a dozen teacher blogs.  One of the first freebies I made was an idea I got from the girls from eighteen25.  I created a Teacher To-Do printable that you can put in a frame and simply write on the glass with dry-erase and wipe off.  Apparently, people are still downloading it, because I get a thank you here and there, but it has to be the most awful thing I’ve ever made. It was downright amateur and makes me want to hide my eyes.  I know those who have been on TpT know what I’m talking about. Some of your first products make you cringe when people purchase them.  So I decided to make a new one for y’all.  You can download by clicking below.  
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Michelle Oakes

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