8 days of school under my belt. I am so happy Labor Day swooped in and saved the day.  I am so thankful for a 3 day weekend.  Y’all have to agree that the first few weeks are exhausting.  It was such a crazy couple of weeks that I forgot to take pictures. I’m also a little distracted because this adorable boy started Pre-k across the hall.
On the first day we did the Kissing Hand Hunt.  Here are the cute little cookies Chester made us.
And here are just a few of the thousand activities we fit in, these first few days.
We learned a big about characters this week. What characters are and character traits. On our first day, the students made a list of characters from the story as well as completed this sort.
The next day we brainstormed Chrysanthemum’s character traits and gave reasons from the book to support our ideas. The students filled out their own character traits chart.
(Chrysanthemum is brave. I know this because she still went to school even though that the kids weren’t kind.)
We also discussed setting and played setting match. Students matched the character with their proper setting.
We have so much fun with this book and other name activities (you can find here)  throughout the week.  We hope you have a wonderful back to school week.
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