It’s all about Penguins!

Last week I had all my Presidents activities ready to go and then just like that we were snowed in for 5 days.  We actually had 2 days off for extreme cold.  Now, I’m totally not complaining, because I welcome a good unplanned winter break, but I’m about over winter.  If I could wear flip flops, I would be a happy girl.  So we’re moving on, and going Arctic, to fit with our weather, and studying penguins. Last year I created a nonfiction literature unit on Penguins. It covers tons of the common core and my kiddos loved learning about Penguins. This year I also created a unit for the adorable book, Tacky the Penguin. I had lots of requests for a new unit on Tacky, and I finally completed it.  

Below are previews of both units:

Tacky will be on sale through this evening. You can click on either of the pictures above to check them out. 

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