Sunday Smorgasbord

As you may remember last summer I did a linky party called Sunday Smorgasbord. Because I have so much randomness inside this little head of mine today, I thought I’d bring it back just for this week.  
Last week we celebrated Valentine’s Day with lots of crazy fun, but my favorite learning activity is also party.  While we learned all about economics during the week, we ended our unit with our Sweetheart Shop.  My students started their party with “Cupid Cash”.  They each had $12.00 to spend in my store.  They knew they were the consumer and I was the producer. We talked about how I was providing them with goods, so they could create their Valentine bags.  They also learned the hard lesson of scarcity.  They all wanted things they either could not afford, or things that were no longer left, because of supply and demand.  What better way to learn these things than with concrete examples and hands on experiences.  
 A hot ticket item that taught them all about scarcity.
In addition to learning all about economics, we also read Love, Splat.  I just love that cat and I’m not a cat girl.  Who doesn’t love kiddo illustrations. My kids are super talented and smart! 
Also, we are loving practicing fluency. My kiddos really enjoy timing each other on their phrases. 
These 3 products are amazing for fluency.  
We love Cara’s passages and her roll a phrase work! 
These phrase cards are perfect for practicing sight words. 
 I’m using Katie’s homework fluency stories as a home to school connection. 
Random #3
This week we’ll be reading Duck for President and doing presidential centers. Here are a couple of freebies for you. A write the room center and listening center.
Random #4
My sweet hubby bought me these pretty earring for Valentine’s Day because he know how much I love Kendra Scott! 
 Of course another pair, made me itch for more, so I had to check out Nordstrom’s sales.  They have some great deals right now.  They also have 6% back on Ebates, which to me is like getting free money, so I might just have to buy these things in my cart. 
Random #5
My students have been working so hard to become great writer’s this year. Now we just have to add more detail.  The best way I know to get my kiddos to make their writing more exciting is to add adjectives. I can’t wait to use my friend Hope’s activity Suzie Adjective.  Her stuff just makes my teacher heart so happy. 
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