Short Vowel Fun

I’m still getting the hang of literally running from one group of kiddos to the next, so my picture taking is scare at school because I’m trying to fit so much into our short group time.  One of the things I’ve been doing with my first graders is reviewing vowel sounds and learning to blend three letter words. We’re also reviewing their first quarter sight words. My readers are the students that already struggle so I’ve been trying my best to make our time engaging and fun.  We use magnetic chips and wands to make and blend words, we play games, and we’re reading some mini books I created that not only have dots to promote their one to one, but also review their sight words and short vowels.
 Also, this past week we reviewed the short i and e.  We’ve  been working hard on these vowels, as they often get their sounds confused.  One of the ways we practiced this was my reading My Pet Hen and What is This? These two little readers review e and i.
We also played this game I made, which they loved! The had to read the word card, say it and keep it if they could decode it.  If not it went back into the pile.  If they got a YOU WIN card, they got to take a card from a friend. They loved playing. You can grab this game free HERE.
In addition to school stuff I spent this week searching for a table for this space.
While I love our island, it’s just not the same as sitting around a family table for dinner.  I’ve been searching for weeks for something perfect and then came across a local father and son who make farm tables.  As I looked through their store I knew it must be fate because this appeared:
This table has our name in it. He’s actually going to build us a different table without the distressing and a darker stain, but I’m so excited.
And finally I can’t help but share my sweet family.  Fall in Ohio is my favorite.  Cool days, pumpkins and visits to the pumpkin patch and farm.  It makes me so happy.  Here are a few pictures of my sweet boys from yesterday.
Pure love! Have a great Sunday Friends.
Michelle Oakes

Michelle Oakes

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