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Is it just me or did Halloween totally just sneak up on us? I don’t think I’ve ever felt an October move so fast in my life.  It’s been a crazy month, but I thought I’d link up with Kacey tonight.
As I’ve already said, I absolutely love fall. Especially all the activities that can be done in the classroom.  Here are some pictures of the October we’ve had. 


 Also, I purchased a few pumpkins and some grabbers and wrote words on Halloween balls. Students used the grabbers and read the word. After reading, they wrote and graphed. You can grab this sheet here.
Here’s a fun short vowel sort. Grab it here
In this center, students put 10 eyeballs in two different pots to find ways to make 10. Grab the sheet here.
In addition, last year we read Too Many Pumpkins and then had our very own pumpkin part full of pumpkin treats. This weekend I’ll be posting the unit I just made for the book, so you can have a pumpkin party too. 
Not only are we knee deep in pumpkins a plenty at school, but it’s almost time for the 50th Day! WOOHOO!!! It’s one of my favorite weeks of the year.  I always show the following episode of Leave it to Beaver.  There are so many comparisons to live today and in the 50’s. How they behaved in school, the cars, phone, the dress, etc. 

We also dress in 50’s attire and do both of these units. If you have a “Then and Now” standard to cover, this is the perfect way to cover it. Cara’s unit has some really cute cravtivities! My unit focuses on the then and now elements as well as centers and writing.  You can check them both out by clicking on the pictures. 
Here are some activities in my unit:
There is nothing I love more than watching this guy play flag football. I’m biased, but he’s pretty dang good. More importantly, he loves it and has so much fun. I’m sad to see the season come to an end. 
Well since wishing isn’t working…
I’m currently feeling so blah! Being kicked out of our house while selling and then stressing out during our move and starting a new job just took me back to some unhealthy ways. This week is my time to take back control. I’m thinking I’ll get back to Body Pump, Jillian’s Shred and I might even do Advocare’s Cleanse, to make me feel less yuck! 
Hopefully a healthier, fitter me is ahead. 

Houston, we have a problem! 
This just opened 5 minutes from my home. 

I think I might need these. 
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