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So, last summer I started a weekly blog post on some of my favorite things called Friday Favorites.  Now that baseball season is not consuming every waking minute of my life, I actually have some time to blog.  Imagine that! So here are some things that I am loving this summer.
Pool Gear! I’m in love with fun summer gear. I may or may not have indulged in one too many cute beach towels and pool floats.  Here’s my little man and his floating pizza.  They have really cute floats right now.
I also love these lounge chair covers in fun designs and monogramed from The Pink Mustache on Etsy.
These are two books I’m reading this summer. They are both really awesome books.  I already use Beck’s Text Talk lessons to teach vocabulary, so I knew I had to read her book on phonics.
Having attended training by Jennifer several years ago, I knew I wanted anything she had to offer. After seeing this book around the web and hearing rave reviews, I snatched it right up.
I absolutely love my Erin Condren Teacher Planner and right now they are 20% off.
Here’s mine! I’m obsessed.
My next favorite thing this summer, has to be my Cricut.  It’s getting a workout lately.  From decorating my Yetis, to creating t-shirts for my son’s ball games, I use my Cricut constantly.  In fact, I’ll be decorating 12 cups for my son’s baseball team with their logo and numbers tomorrow, and my little guy desperately wanted a pug shirt, so he made one for under 5 dollars and in less than 20 minutes. This machine is amazing!
Here is simple t-shirt I created to wear to my sons game.  It is the easiest thing I’ve ever done and they wash so well.
 Making sure my Yeti is cute and personalized.
 I love that they have printable vinyl, so I can create any pattern I’d like.
 And finally, Landon’s pug shirt. Yes, they even have printable iron on.  Just print and the machine will cut it out perfectly so you can iron it right on.  It’s amazing.
Finally, lets talk a beauty product, because I love make-up. Today, I’m going to confess, while I do have some pretty long eyelashes, I absolutely hate applying mascara.  It’s messy, annoying and regardless of how hard I try, sometimes my lashes get clumped together and look all sorts of ate-up!
So to make my life easier, I apply fake lashes.  Now, I’ve tried all sorts of false eyelashes, some very expensive, others super cheap and I finally a set that are my absolute favorite! And they won’t break the bank either.
Real Lashes
 Fake Lashes
The fake lashes are so easy to apply, require no mascara, just a little bit of glue and they are so comfortable to wear.  A personal favorite!
So those are my Friday Favorites for the week. I hope you are enjoying your summer so far!
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