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I attended the Scholastic Reading Summit today and it was great to be surrounded by teachers who love books, who love to teach reading and foster a love for reading in their rooms. Of course we all agree that giving students choice in the reading classroom is important, but that’s not enough.  We must show students we are readers, we must recommend new books, give book talks, show book trailers and truly get students excited about reading.  

I thought I’d share some books I bought today and talk particularly about the picture books and why I love them, as well as how I’ll use them in my classroom.  But before I share what I bought, you must meet Mr. Schu.  If you don’t read Mr. Schu’s blog Watch.Connect.Read, then you should.  Follow this man on Twitter and check out his blog! He has great book reviews, he gives book talks and posts amazing book trailers.  He’s the reason, I bought many of these books.

Let’s start with How To Read a Story by Kate Messner. Kate was actually a speaker at the conference. She has some amazing books and she talked about the power we have when giving kids books.  How to Read a Story, teaches our kids, exactly that, how to read a story. This is the absolute perfect book to introduce Reader’s Workshop.  It talks about choosing books, finding a place to read, reading with partners, how to read fluently and with expression, and to reread.

This is a cute story about a wolf who grows up in a bunny family.  Not only does this book teach us about accepting other’s differences, but also about bravely standing up for our friends. Watch this book trailer and then pick up this cute book. 

Of course I had to have another copy of Last Stop On Market Street.  It’s covered in well deserved honors and deservedly so.
Here’s a great little video about the book from both the author and the illustrator.

Besides, not only is this a beautiful story with amazing illustrations, but it’s also the perfect book to introduce small moments and how to write in detail about small moments in our lives.  What a great mentor text for writing. 
Speaking of Writer’s Workshop, part of teaching students to create books is discuss illustrating.  Some kids, just don’t believe they are great artists. They often won’t write about something because they don’t feel they can draw illustrations to match.  This book is perfect to teach students that an Artist lives in all of us.  Not only is there a cute book trailer for this story but Emily Arrow also has a song that goes along with book. If you don’t know Emily, check her out. Her story time sing alongs are amazing! 

Finally, here’s a little book I got because it’s hilarious. Any book about underpants is going to engage your little ones.  It made me laugh.  
SO go grab some books,  do a book talk, download book trailers, play a little Emily Arrow and give your students the gift of books and foster a love of reading.  
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