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So are y’all ready.  Or are you in denial like me? I go back to school in exactly 14 days.  So I’m slowly but surely trying to get ready for back to school. Besides, one way I’m preparing this is year is to put together a little survival kit.  What I love even more is that this little container matches my room perfectly.
I have pretty much everything I need for whatever may come my way. 
I am also getting ready for Meet the Teacher Night.

Before students come for Meet the Teacher, I send them each a letter. The letter is to both my students and their parents. It outlines our day and what to expect at meet the teacher.  It also encourages my parents to write me a letter about their child and bring it to Meet the Teacher Night.  There is no survey, no special questions.  Just a letter about their child. I’ll tell you, you’ll learn more about your students that you ever would from a survey.  
Here are my forms that I send home. I always send them home in this envelope with this cute little poem that Jamie Solley wrote years ago. When students walk in they find the direction sheet on their desk, they fill out the transportation form for the first day and put their supplies away in the baskets with the supply drop labels below.

I also include our Classroom Handbook in the envelope. It has everything my parents need to know about our class in an easy little tabbed flip book.  They can go straight to the tab with the necessary info and read away.

Also on their desk, is a cute little treat for them to take home.
As we all know, our class lists may change, even the night before school. 
I have these editable checklist and class lists that are easy to update.
As you can see, my lesson plans are still blank, but I get tons of requests for my lesson plan templates so I’ve included them in my Meet the Teacher Kit.
 On the first day, I love reading this little book All About Me to the kids. They really enjoy learning about my family and my favorites and I think it really makes them feel more comfortable to know that I too have a family I miss on the first day, and I may even share their favorite food or color.
Hopefully you are ready for your first days.  If not you can grab this little kit.
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