Holiday Homophones

Several years ago I created a little unit to help my first grade kiddos learn all about homophones. I knew just telling them was not going to be good enough, so I came up with a fun little “homophone hunt” activity to help build interest and excitement.  The first think we did was read this book:
It’s a great way to introduce homophones. After reading, my students were challenged with the task of finding homophone cards around the classroom.
When all cards were found, students came back to our carpet area to find their homophone match.  After finding their pair, student completed this cute little activity sheet to be put in our class book.
Then students were challenge to apply their new learning by creating their very own homophone book.
I also made this cute little homophone memory game available to my kiddos when they had some free time, so they could practice this new knowledge. This became one of their favorite games to play during indoor recess for the holidays.
I just added this not so little guy to the unit as well. Meet our moose. His belly is full of homophones.
If you still need to teach homophones and want to have some holiday fun, you can grab this Merry Christmoose Homophone unit below.
Michelle Oakes

Michelle Oakes

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