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This year we were asked to use an online assessment tool that shall remain nameless. It’s a great tool if you teach grade 2-high school.  We were given time to add assessments to this online program and I tried. I tried so hard to make it work for me in my little Reading Specialist job. It just made no sense.  In fact, our K-1 teachers were struggling to make it work and make sense for them as well. When looking for an alternative that actually helped save time and had assessments that made sense, I found ESGI.  And y’all, it’s the absolute best!

I don’t believe in using technology, just to use technology.  If it doesn’t save me time and make more sense then using paper and pencil, then I just don’t see the point.  While we use lots of assessments like DRA’s and Aimsweb, I also wanted a quick way to assess letter identifications, sounds, sight words, phonics knowledge, etc. ESGI makes assessing these items, so much easier than ever before. Check it out.

As the reading specialists I have many groups of students with varying needs and objectives.  The great thing about ESGI, is that they already have tons of preloaded assessments to choose from, or you can easily create your own.  It’s the simplest process, but if you get stuck, there are tons of how-to videos here:

 Sorry for the blurry picture, but the best part of testing is that after students have been tested once, you can assess them again and choose to assess all items or just the items missed previously.

 Once you’ve tested the student, any unknown items can be easily generated and printed on flashcards. Also available immediately after testing is a parent letter. I love this part! As the reading teacher, I can grab a kindergarten student, test them, have flashcards of unknown letters and parent communication on what they need to work on, as well as what they’ve mastered, in a matter of 5 minutes.

 Furthermore, the purpose of assessing for me, the majority of the time is to focus my instruction in the future.  I love that ESGI provides graphs of what I still need to teach for each of my groups.  No more sitting with assessments all over my table, trying to decide which letters, sight words, or sounds, still aren’t mastered. ESGI does this for me. 

 And the classroom management tool, does just as it says. It manages all your classroom needs. It creates lists, lets you know what forms have or have not been turned in, creates templates, and makes all the administrative tasks so much easier.

If you want to make your life and assessments easier than I highly recommend ESGI.  You can grab ESGI for 40 dollars off for the first year $159 (regular pricing -$199) by clicking the link below.

or try it for free for 60 days by clicking below.


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