Love is in the Air!

February can be kind of gloomy, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a blast in the classroom.  There are so many fun ways we celebrate in February. Not only do we celebrate the 100th Day of School, but we also learn about economics, read tons of great books and my students do some of my all time favorite centers during the month of February.  
First, I needed a way to teach littles about economics and that absolutely ate it up when we turned our classroom into a store.  So much fun and they thoroughly understood economics after this unit. 
This Valentine Economics unit is so much fun and the only way I could make it all make sense for such little people. 
 Students also absolutely loved these Burning Love Centers and they are some of my favorites! 
You can also grab these activities free by clicking the Fabulous Fans link on my Facebook page. They were a fun way to practice past tense verbs. 
 My kiddos also absolutely loved learning about opossums after reading about Gilbert in Roses are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink. I paired our fiction and nonfiction learning with this fun little unit.  
You can also find all kinds of cute Valentine ideas here: 

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